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V-bot 2.0 - Making of

Yo guys :)

To start off the Shooter Template on the right foot, we hired a very talented 3D artist call Anderson Barges [you can see his work here].

The V-bot 1.0 was originally design by us and you can see the process [here], but as the template grows, we thought that the V-bot also need's a little update :)

Anderson started by remodeling a new base using Zbrush with dynamesh, just like our original model to have the correct proportions.

Here is the full topology with some render tests

* Personally I absolute love this brushed steel, it reminds me of Terminator lol

By looking at the 2.0 without the 1.0 it may not look like it hasn't change that much, but when you put both side by side the changes are huge!

We ask Anderson to add new details, lines and borders to make it more believable, but also to keep the originality of the first design, he has done a wonderful job!

- Click to see the original image size

This is the final result render on Unity 5.3.5 using the Standard Shader, it looks beautiful with the 4k textures!

And of course we keep and materials separated for you guys to make your own custom V-bots

Marmoset Render

Green Army Custom Skin

V-bot 2.0 will be available for ALL versions of our Template on the next updates!

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