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Tech Demos are coming!

Hey guys! :D We are currently working on 3 Tech Demos using only free assets just to have some real game development workflow and see where you guys can experience difficulties, so that we can improve even more our template. Invector is all about quality and we do care about the development process, always trying to make easier so that you guys can focus in your game. While we develop this demos, we will code new features, such as slots for soundFX on the character, weapons, hit objets, etc... We spend no more than two days to build each demo and we will publish a compile build of this TechDemos when they are ready, so that everyone can play and see what you can achieve using our Template

V-bots: The Courtyard​

Survival Arena

Knight Arena

We're already improving the Melee Combat and making a base for the Shooter, using a generic Melee Weapon Manager and also using the Avatar Mask with the Layers of Mecanim, this way you can take the best of mecanim features.

Also we update the hitbox, allowing the character to use hands and foot and activating damage based on the Animation start and end time, this will be available on the v1.3.

That's it for today, hope you guys like the news and see you next time :)

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