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Invector became Invector when two talented developers meet by accident on a forum, and after one year of making prototypes and studying together, they decided to go forward doing their very best creating tools and assets, to make it easier to develop games with AAA quality .


Today Invector aims to deliver powerful tools and easy to use, created by game developers for game developers, we are players and we have a passion for video game development, we are enthusiasts of new technologies and addicts to develop and create.





I'm very passionate and enthusiastic about video games, grew up playing, and learned about them. I just love developing games, always finding the best way to create a solution, spending hours trying to find that motherfu5#@% bug, or thinking of new ways to improve the project. The process of creating games or anything related is so much fun for me, especially when you are working with talented people that always want to improve and make it better, I just can't see myself doing any other job.

I graduated in Game Design in 2015 and just before that, I met this skilled programmer called Jorge and we start to code together. We were working on a Shooter prototype at the time and it was so awesome that I asked Jorge if he would like to develop games & tools together as a brand, that's when Invector's was founded. Since then we developed and published 3 awesome 3rd Person Template's, several cool add-ons, and an AI Solution for Unity that will serve as a base for many game developers, and we're just getting started :)


Favorite Games:
- Resident Evil Series
- Dark Souls Series
- The Last of Us
- Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy
- Grim Fandango
- Max Payne 1
- Fighter Megamix



My passion for games comes from childhood at the age of 12 years old I became interested in how they were created. Over the years I have worked a long time with manual labor, but always had that dream of one day working with something related to development, arts, I don't know, I was still immature to figure out. Until one day I decided to drop everything to pursue my dream and it was at this time I discovered that the area of creation that I always looked for, was the same as when I was 12, it was game development and since then I never stopped.


I met Teles in a programming forum, it was then that we started to develop small prototypes together. At first, I help him with his studies from college, but with time our prototypes were starting to grow and we saw there was something that could be the beginning of a great partnership.


I have much to thank Teles for their willpower and dedication, one of the things that motivated me to keep going. I also thank my wife who never stopped believing in my work and always put up with my hours of hard studies ... that was very important.

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