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Changelog v2.0b HOTFIX 22/11/2016

- Improved rigibody movement using OnAnimatorMove 
- Improved animation transition from CrossFade to CrossFadeInFixedTime 
- Fix bug when hit the button twice or more when starting the action
- Fix jittering while openning the chest on Strafe mode
- Fix MovementSpeed values not working on v2.0a
- Fix vMoveSetSpeed script to handle different moveset ID movement speed separatly
- Fix pendulum prefab missing mesh
- Fix ragdoll reseting at the y = 0 of the world location
- Fix ragdoll creator creating small collider for the head


Changelog v2.0a HOTFIX 12/10/2016


- Fix character locomotion jittering at low frame rates 
- Fix links for youtube tutorials 
- Fix AI not rolling
- Fix AttackName to trigger customParticles
- Fix Player not hitting the CompanionAI
- Fix Enemy not attacking the CompanionAI
- Improved Jump Physics
- Disable V-icon as lockOnSprite in the HUD


Changelog v2.0 MELEE COMBAT BIG UPDATE XX/10/2016

- New MeleeManager
- HeadTrack improved
- Hitbox improved (single or multiple)
- AI Improved (+Performance)
- AI Actions removed (+Performance Boost)
- ThirdPerson & Topdown now share the same scripts, just change the input
- New Collectable system
- ThirdPersonInput & MeleeCombatInput scripts add to handle Input directly
- Changes in the Core of the Controller
- Animator Controller improved
- HUD improved
- New Action verification (+Performance)
- Extra Move Speed improved for the Controller, non-root motion or root motion with extra speed
- Capsule Collider will not be 'stuck' on walls anymore

- Equip weapons animations
- New Reaction animations by direction (small upperbody / big fullbody)
- New Recoil default animation
- Weapon Holder feature
- Random Weapon for AI
- New CQC animations
- Chest with collectable items & animation
- Breakable Vases
- vOnDeadTrigger call a event when the character dies
- New weapon examples
- Consumable items examples (health potion, increase health potion, etc)
- New Reaction animations
- Inventory System
- Item Manager
- New MeleeCombat DemoScene
- Events to call when use items (trigger particles, sounds, etc)
- Portal example to change scene with Character, Equiped Weapons & Items


Changelog v1.3e MELEE COMBAT UPDATE 27/06/2016

- vDragBox Prefab
- EnemyAI not playing the death animation freezing sometimes

- New Jump logic using Rigidbody Physics, more stable and smooth behaviour
- New Extra Speed using Rigidbody.AddForce, more stable and smooth behaviour
- New ExtraVelocity method allow better gravity behaviour
- Better transition on Strafe animations
- TurnOnSpot Improved
- LockPlayer bool change to LockMovement, you can access and lock all the player's input

- HeavyAttack trigger using RT on the 360 controller and '1' on the keyboard
- RandomAttack trigger 
- Individual option for extra speed: walk, running, sprint, strafe, etc
- Sprint forward animation add on strafe mode
- Option to activate ragdolls at the Animation State when attacking
- LockMovement bool public on inspector 


Changelog v1.3d MELEE COMBAT HOTFIX 14/06/2016



- GameController Spawning method getting errors or not spawning the Player prefab

- ThirdPersonCamera spinning around the target if too close while in LockOn

- Lock the player extra movement when attacking on strafing or free movement

- Layer 'Player' not auto-assigning on the Character childrens, making the character auto-crouch when add a Ragdoll

- Wrong stamina consuption at higher FPS

- Nullref error when creating a Defense Weapon



- CameraInput method being call on the FixedUpdate instead of LateUpdate, much smoothier behaviour



- TurnOnSpot animations when strafing

- AllowMovementAt variable add on the vMeleeAttackBehaviour, allow the player to rotate during the attacking, more smooth combat gameplay



Changelog v1.3c MELEE COMBAT SMALL UPDATE 30/05/2016

- LockOn Script now automatically set up the Layer Default for Obstacles
- Error when trying to manually add a TPCamera into a Camera
- Wrong stamina consuption in some cases when rolling, jumping and sprint

- Player can now do a quickturn while blocking 
- Hitbox collision improved
- Layers fields removed from the vCharacter and add into the vMotor of the Player & AI
- Controller, Animator & Motor scripts revised with new commends and regions for both Player & AI, easier to use and modify

- Damage Multiplayer option on the Melee Attack Behaviour (Animation State)
- Draggable Boxes 
- Dynamic Trigger Action to know if there is a obstacle above or ahead
- Puzzle Boxes Scene showing the new feature


Changelog v1.3b MELEE COMBAT SMALL UPDATE 15/05/2016


- AI Min Detect Distance not working
- AI Min/Max Time to Attack not working
- Lock-on not working when the Players Locomotion Type is set to StrafeOnly
- Character not droping weapons when dying by ragdoll
- HitRecoil & HitReaction cancels magic attacks


- Overhall performance improvements 
- Change enemies model for the mobile version
- Sprint unlock for strafe locomotion, just add the animations into the blendtree
- AI detect Magic Attacks Attacker and change the state to Chase




Changelog v1.3a MELEE COMBAT SMALL UPDATE 11/05/2016

- SphereSensors being created when select the AI prefab
- Lock-on Disable on the V-bot prefab

- vDamage has more options
- Update beat'n up scene
- Huge AI improvements on Performance 

- Option to disable turnOnSpot & quickStop animations
- MagicWeapons that instantiate particles
- New weapon magic attack animation




Changelog v1.3 MELEE COMBAT BIG UPDATE 04/05/2016


- Footstep not working on Unity Terrain


- HitRecoil & HitReaction improvements, now AttackStates can trigger a specific hit ID to match animations
- Action detection improved on the AI, now you can select what action the AI can do with the NavMesh Agent AreaMask
- All scripts have the prefix 'v' to avoid conflict with other scripts
- AI Distance to Attack is set up by the weapon now 
- Several changes/improvements on the main structure of the Controller/Motor/vCharacter


- Add Animator Layers with AvatarMasks (left arm, right arm, upperbody, fullbody)
- Hand to Hand Combat 
- Two hand moveset option add (drop the current left melee weapon)
- MeleeWeapon now can be Attack, Defense or Both with option to trigger a Defense animation with a Sword
- Add HitboxFrom on the MeleeAttackBehaviour, you can now select from where your attack is comming > LeftArm, RightLeg, BothLegs, etc
- Automatically create Hitbox for hand to hand combat to Humanoid Characters
- HitDamage Particle component to instantiate particles when take damage
- MeleeWeapons can now instantiate a Recoil Particle when hit a wall
- Audio Slots for attacks, defense and recoil on the MeleeWeapon
- TriggerAudio by Animation State
- AI agressive bool option, the AI will chase at first sight or stay passive until you attack him
- SphereSensor on the AI, now you can choose what targets the AI can persue and the max distance to loose the target
- Who the AI can see and attack are separated, ex: Now you can have a Boss that apply damage to his minions but only chase the Player
- Action Layer for action triggers, automatically set up when create a new character
- Enemy VS Enemy 
- Companion AI with basic commands (follow, attack, stay, go there)
- Tags & Layers are automatically add into the project 
- Health Item example to recover health
- New options for HeadTrack
- Option to mirror animation for Defense 
- Add Punching Bag as a example to use the vCharacter with non-Invector Third Person Characters
- Add new Beat'n Up Demo Scene (thanks supneo for the suggestion)




Changelog v1.2b MELEE COMBAT SMALL UPDATE 02/04/2016


- Nullreference error when start a game with a AI without the MeleeManager Component

- Improve AI behaviour when not using the MeleeManager Component

- Errors in the Mobile demo scene about the footstep (old footstep components attached needs to be removed)

- Fixed hitReaction ID on the EnemyAI


- Fixed mobile demo scene errors and update gameobjects

- Add tag "Weapon" into the List Ignore Tags at the Ragdoll component

- Animator State OneHandedSword name changed to BasicAttack


- Mobile material for weapons




Changelog v1.2a MELEE COMBAT UPDATE 30/03/2016

- Stop Move method on the Character Controller 
- AI fix Max Attack Count and improve Random Attack
- Fixed ChangeScenes buttons on Unity 5.3 or higher
- Fixed Pick up weapons on Mobile

- AI Strafe improved
- AI Strafe Sideways with option to swape position
- AI Improve performance and behaviour on actions
- Customizable Hitbox for Attack Weapons
- Defense Range improved on the Shield 

- NEW FootStep System, new method that instantiate audiosources individually and include footstep mark and particles 




Changelog v1.2 MELEE COMBAT UPDATE 15/03/2016

- Character does not go down the stairs
- Mobile Input with delay to move
- Slope limit not working without stopmove layer
- Fixed alerts about loadlevel on Unity 5.3 or higher

- Major changes on most of scripts 
- Custom editor window with warnings if you don't set up the Layers
- Character Creator window now can create a Character Controller or a AI
- Ragdoll improved with option to die and leave the body, or turn off the rigidbody physics
- Slope limit now make the character slide down the ramp

- Advanded Enemy AI with Melee Combat and Actions
- Advanced Waypoint System and patrol points
- Advanced Weapon Attack Hitbox with visual assistence
- Collectable Weapons with pick-up/drop option
- Weapon Manager component with easy Handler creator to assist the set up of new weapons
- Weapon Creator window with option to Attack or Defense
- Health Recovery for the Controller and AI
- Optional Health bar HUD for the AI 
- Stamina consumption by action 
- Action Controller add, you can choose what action your character can make and what input will trigger
- Lock-On target system with switch between target
- GameController with Respawn system, timer to respawn the character or scene and option to destroy the body
- Die animation included with option to turn the Ragdoll on at the end of the animation
- HitReaction & HitRecoil with 3 levels of damage
- Menu window with Helpers like link to Tutorials, FAQ, Release Notes and Updates.




Changelog v1.1d HOTFIX 17/01/2016


- Character Template missing Animator




Changelog v1.1c 12/01/2016



- 2 Actions been activate at the same time, causing the Player to glitch between states



- QuickStop and QuickTurn now are actions and are located in the Action State on the Animator

- Grounded State remade to handle Strafe animations

- Minor changes at the TPMotor, TPAnimator and TPController to prepare the AI on the next update

- Better transition from Strafe to Free locomotion, and the a smoother Quickturn

- ICharacter Interface created to handle the Ragdoll behaviour for both Player and AI

- Improve the verification for quickStop and quickTurn Add:

- Locomotion Type, now you can choose between Strafe Only, Free Only or Free with Strafe

- Crouch Strafe locomotion

- New Layer for Melee 3 Attack Combo, this layers comes without animations at this version,

but we will add some example animations on the next version,

along with the AI




Changelog v1.1b 30/12/2015


- Message displaying change of input between mobile/pc when clicking 
- Fixed the error about bounds on the FootStep when walking between Terrain and Mesh 


- TPCamera & HUD isoleted from the controller, now this components are modular and work individually
- Controller now works as a Prefab, can be Instantiated and will automatically find a Camera or the HUD component on the scene
- Culling fade now goes into the character instead of the Camera, also modular just like the Ragdoll of Footstep component.
- Strafe animations re-configured with better transitions
- Several TPCamera improvements of CameraState transitions and Culling 
- Improvements and changes into the TPAnimator and TPMotor, now we separated on methods that controls animations

and locomotion behaviour from each other


- GameController with SpawnPoint system 
- Non Root-motion movement add, with separated Directional Movement Speed and Strafing Speed
- Rotate by World bool add into the Controller for better locomotion when playing on Isometric Mode
- List of Ignore Tags for the Ragdoll Component, keep Weapons or Acessories that are children of the Player with the correctly rotation
- New Camera Feature - Fixed Point or Multiple Points (Resident Evil oldschool camera's style)
- Trigger System to change CameraPoints
- New Demo Scene with the V Mansion showing the new CameraMode Fixed Point
- Simple Door example




Changelog v1.1a 10/11/2015


Fix Bugs:
- On the MobileScene the gameObject MobileControls need to be below the HUD gameObject on the Hierarchy

(otherwise it will stop respond after the ragdoll turn on)
- Fix the Jump behaviour if you jump right on the edge, the character falls and jump again (mecanim issue)
- Fix the trajectory of the jump in case of high value of height and force forward 
- v1.1 shipped with a aditional XInput plugin, we removed and now you can export Mobile builds normally


- The character now can jump while Aiming (just a condition add in the Animator)
- Add 'quick change scene' buttons on the demo scenes
- Add a Camera Fade effect to hide the character when is too close
- Add Clip Plane Margin for better clipping planes to the Camera
- Add InvectorJoystick.cs is just a quickfix to the Square touch area from the CrossPlataformInput to a Circular touch area
- Add the original Standard Assets CrossPlataformInput to improve compatibility with other assets and avoid errors of scripts duplicity
- Add back the AntiAliasing in the Camera




Changelog v1.1 25/10/2015


Fix Bugs:
- Fix the vibrating upperbody animation when in Aiming mode after the ragdoll was activated (bug found by Chrisb3D, thanks!)
- Fix lockPlayer after roll through the Crouch Area and rarely lock the player on the exit (bug found by tmmandk, thank you sir!)
- Fix minor bug holding shift and enter on Aim mode still drains stamina (reported by Steel Grin, thanks!)


- Script "FindTarget" changed to "TriggerAction" and add AutoActions bool
- Major changes on TPCamera script
- Update XInput plugins to the last version with x86 and x86_x64 support
- change CheckForwardAction() and create a CheckActionObject on ThirdPersonMotor
- remove CheckAutoCrouch from the ThirdPersonController and put on ThirdPersonMotor
- improved Culling of the camera 
- improved Ragdoll transition when back to player 
- improved footstep system syncronization
- improved Ground Detection
- now users need to set up layers manually to improve compatibility with others projects


- Add float spine curvature to set up how much the spine will curve while on Aiming mode
- Add support to realtime change input to Mobile (thanks to Xander Davis)
- Add support to MFi iOS gamepad (thanks to Xander Davis)
- Add Aiming button on Mobile Touch Controls
- Add AutoActions for TriggerActions automatically do an Action without the need of input
- Add Tag for AutoCrouch (use on a simple trigger object)
- Add FootStep support to Play a specific material on objects with multiple materials
- Add feature Jump 
- Add feature Camera Scroll Zoom (Mouse only)
- Add feature FixedAngle on CameraState
- Add DrawGizmos for Debug to verify the Raycasts on Motor (head, actions, stepup, stopmove)
- Add 2.5D Scene Demo
- Add Topdown Scene Demo
- Add Isometric Point&Click Scene Demo



I modified the source files, animator controllers and animations, if I update it will overwritten my files?


- YES! You need to always backup your project, save your modifications and delete the Invector's folder before update to a new version.

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