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- Create a new and clean Project 

- If you want to import into a already existing Project, MAKE SURE TO BACKUP.
- Import the package and if you DON'T WANT your Project Settings (tags, input, layers) to be replaced, UNCHECK the project settings before importing, again, if you hit import your settings will be replaced

- You can still import the ProjectSettings after importing the template, just open the menu Invector > Import ProjectSettings

Q: I created a new character but he doesn't jump and keep crouching?

A: First thing you need to do when creating a new character is set up the Layers.

How to set up a new Character:
- hit Create new Character and drag and drop a Humanoid FBX Rigged model
- Select the Character on the hierarchy and set the Layer to "Player"
- On the Inspector, set up the Ground Layer to "Default" and the StopMove Layer to "StopMove and Default" if you want the character to stop walking when facing a wall.


*Check out this for more information [Video Tutorial

Q: My camera keep passing through walls and objects, dafuq/ man

A: Again, Layers. Just set the Culling Layer to "Default"

Q: Can I make a First Person / Third Person like Skyrim?

A: We developed a ThirdPerson Controller and currently we don't have plans to add First Person support.

Q: I'm kind of noob about mecanim and stuff, how can I replace this animations?

A: Check this [Video Tutorial] and also this [Article]

Q: I update the package to the last version through the AssetStore and mess up with my Project...

A: Always BACKUP your project before update any asset 

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